About the Institute

KOG Institute of Marketing and Communication Sciences established in 2015 operates in the fields of consumer marketing and marketing communication seeking solutions to relevant practical issues of these sectors. More

In the Institute`s opinion, insufficient efforts are made in Lithuania in consumer marketing and marketing communication practices when trying to understand several important questions: how, on one hand, marketing and communication measures help companies to enhance their competitiveness and grow and how, on the other hand, these measures shape consumer behaviour.

These practices are rarely based on the latest systemic operational and consumer behaviour models of marketing and communication. The dominant approach perceives consumers as incognizable “black boxes”. Usually, this approach does not take into account the fact that consumers have the ability to make emotional and cognitive decisions and a great part of their decisions and choices are unconscious. As a result, the validity and value of services in marketing and communication market is limited. Market players face difficulties identifying and assessing the impact of the employed measures on consumers: service providers cannot reasonably validate the effectiveness of such measures and corporate marketing specialists cannot define their contribution to company`s business results. Moreover, added value for consumers that these marketing and communication measures create is too low and consumers are unable to gain the best experience with brands.

In the Institute`s opinion, the above problems can be efficiently solved by providing market players with systemic, evidence-based and practicable knowledge. In the pursuit of this aim, the Institute creates and implements follow-up professional training programs, performs and initiates various activities of scientific research, experimental development and innovations (SREDI), and organises knowledge dissemination events. The Institute seeks to encourage the cooperation between science and business and intends to become the information and communication centre for the community of professionals and experts.


Marius Kalanta

Doctor of Social Sciences (Sociology)

He has the experience of 14 years of management and strategic planning in marketing communication sector. His responsibilities in the Institute include the preparation and implementation of studies and scientific research programmes.


Vasaris Oržekauskas

Master of Classical Philology at Vilnius University

The experience of more than 10 years in media and communication strategy creation business. He has been heading Inspired UM since its establishment in 2007 making it one of the leading agencies in Lithuania today. His responsibility in the Institute is ensuring the project success from strategic ideas to securing of financial resources.


Domantas Gailius

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Sociology)

A visionary and lecturer, Business Development Manager at Inspired UM. Strategic planning practitioner in marketing communication sector since 2000. His area of responsibility in the Institute is the marketing and development of the Institute itself.


Corporate member


Media Planning Agency
Neuromarketing Science & Business Association