Consumer Behaviour Conference 2016

“If you want to understand how a lion hunts don’t go to the zoo. Go to the jungle.” Jim Stengel, CMO of P&G


Understanding consumer behaviour, particularly the mechanisms of decision making and information processing is a necessary condition for successful marketing. For the first time in Lithuania, in the conference dedicated for consumer behaviour, together with acclaimed and experienced speakers from Lithuania and other countries, scientists and marketing practitioners, we will summarize the results of latest scientific research and the worldwide practice of their application, we will discuss the specifics of consumer behaviour in Lithuania.

The conference is intended for corporate marketing heads and managers, strategic planners, project directors and project managers at marketing communication agencies, advertising sales managers at media companies, public relations professionals at public sector organisations, and scientific researchers working in the field of consumer behaviour.


Conference topics

Consumer Decision Making

In the last decades the disciplinary fields of behavioural economics, marketing, sociology and cognitive psychology became increasingly intertwined, the process of consumer decision making is clearer, marketing specialists gain more useful knowledge and tools. This part of the conference is dedicated to theoretical and methodological insights of consumers’ decision-making process and to the aspects of their practical application, especially in the context of retail trade.

Neuromarketing Practice

Neuromarketing is a rapidly growing field, offering theoretical insights and methods that are widely applied in Western marketing practices. We believe that the emergence of numerous evidences supporting its benefits, development and falling prices of technologies for data collection and analysis will make the neuromarketing tools usual for marketing professionals in Lithuania. This part of the conference will cover the tendencies of theoretical-methodological development of neuromarketing and its practical application in consumer marketing and marketing communication.

Media Consumption

The results of media audience surveys show how many people can possibly see the messages of marketing communication. But it is not enough for effective marketing communication. In order to work efficiently it is necessary to look for answers to questions about how consumers perceive marketing communication messages, what attention they pay to them and what impact is made by media type and context of the message to perception and attention of the consumer.

What do Brands Mean to Consumers in Lithuania?

The brand, as perceived, judged and experienced by consumers, may differ from the brand that company seeks to design. This part of the conference is dedicated to research, revealing these differences in Lithuania and

Organisational details

The conference will be held in Autumn 2016 in Vilnius.
Detailed information on the conference programme and venue will be announced soon.

Invitation to speak at the conference

We invite scientific researchers and marketing practitioners to give their speeches on topics selected for the conference.
Please send your thesis of up to 200 words length to Domantas Gailius via e-mail