About the workshop

The workshop is mainly focussed on practical aspects of planning and implementing advertising campaigns in the mass media.


Programme of the workshop

1. Media planning strategy

1.1. Terms of media planning

GRP, TRP, TGI, (effective) reach, (effective) frequency, interaction, conversion, CPP, RTB, etc.

1.2. Media planning goals

Setting up goals, their link with marketing goals, consumer purchase decisions, market segmentation and target groups, approaches to advertising performance.

1.3. Media planning process

Participants in the process and their responsibilities, media planning stages.

2. Characteristics of the media

2.1. Media audience research

TV, press, radio and internet audience research, its purpose, indicators, methodology, limitations.

2.2. The media in Lithuania: ownership and types

Major media business groups and media companies.

2.3. Audience of the media in Lithuania and its feedback on advertising

Quantitative indicators of media audience, motives and peculiarities of media use, trends.

3. Planning and efficiency of advertising campaigns

3.1. Planning of TV, radio, press, outdoor and indoor advertising campaigns

Types and peculiarities of channels, planning indicators, planning technology, purchase of time and space, optimization of the reach and frequency, approaches to effective frequency and its setting.

3.2. Planning of digital media campaigns

Advertising display, performance, social media, purchase of time and space, optimisation of key planning

3.3. Efficiency of advertising campaigns in the media and its measurement

SOV and SOM interdependency, efficiency of purchasing advertising time and space, “soft” efficiency indicators: popularity, recall, fondness and engagement

Information about the workshop


3 half-days 4 hours each (each topic is given one 4-hour lecture; the overall duration of the workshop is 12 hours).


The entire workshop costs € 400 per person (VAT excluded).

It is possible to opt for one or two topics separately; one topic costs € 150 per person (VAT excluded).

The maximum number of people in the group is 15.


The workshop will take place in Vilnius, at the time and venue agreed with the participants in advance. At the request of a group, the workshop can also be held in another city.