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The KOG Institute grants you access to the world-class training, certification and research.
Applied scientific knowledge
Through application of scientific knowledge and methods we help companies and organizations solve practical marketing and communication issues. We achieve that through cooperation with different researchers and the available internal resources that enable us to identify and grasp the specific needs of companies and organizations.
Focus on consumer behaviour
A consumer is a central figure of today’s marketing and communication, and the multifaceted and comprehensive approach to understanding their behaviour, e.g. processing information or deciding on purchase, is a necessary condition for a successful marketing and communication strategy.
Innovation of applied research
Consumer behaviour is a particularly complex phenomenon the exploration of which demands adequate methods. For this purpose, we aim to create and introduce communication and market research innovation. We actively experiment with a variety of research methods, e.g. time of response, neuromarketing, when studying the experience and attitudes of consumers, and efficiency of advertising. We offer the tested and functioning methods to the marketing and communication community to apply in practice.
Interdisciplinary approach
To solve relevant marketing and communication problems or create training programmes, we apply the globally important achievements in marketing, cognitive and social psychology, neuroscience, behavioural economics, sociology, semiotics, communication and media studies.
Media Planning Agency
Neuromarketing Science and Business Association
Marius Kalanta
Doctor in Social Science (Sociology)
Vasaris Oržekauskas
Holds MA in Classical Philology
Domantas Gailius
Holds BA in Social Science (Sociology)