The vision of the KOG Institute is to become a leading neuromarketing research laboratory in the Baltic States.


The Institute offers its clients innovative neuroresearch to address marketing and communications challenges. The combination of the neuroresearch with the traditional qualitative and quantitative methods ensures the comprehensive analysis of the situation and solution finding. A wide range of neuromarketing research covers research from the assessment of labels and packaging design, testing of advertisement videos, prints and outdoors, to the layout of goods on shelves and a trip of a consumer in the supermarket.


Having a question about marketing or communication and no answer yet? Not sure about the way your consumers think and behave? Considering what design of the packaging to choose? The KOG Institute, in collaboration with a team of experienced practitioners and experts, will help you find the answers.


For research queries, please contact the head of the KOG Institute:

Eleonora Šeimienė, PhD

Tel: +370 608 50545